10 Strangest Google Searches

Google was registered as a domain name in 1997 and since then, it has been the most commonly used search engine. It has made our life so easy. When you can’t find somebody near you that is so knowledgeable, you could turn on your laptop, type google.com and in that small search box, write everything that you would want to know. In the year 2014, Google searches has an average of 5, 470,000,000 searches per day. There’s no shame about being too curious, but Google users have taken curiosity to extremities. Here are 10 Google searches that will make you doubt about humanity.

“Why do all of these old bands keep copying Glee songs?”

Why do all of these old bands keep copying Glee songs?

Let’s assume that this search has been made by a 10 year old kid. But it is still a sad thing that they are not educated about our music history.