12 Jaw-Dropping Huge Traffic Crowd From Around the World

Having difficulties facing road clogs every day? Well, Traffic jams and road congestion is something that everyone must face at least once at some point in their lives. Sitting in your car, riding bus, travelling for fieldtrips, going to school or work with a snail-pace is surely boring and tiring. And obviously nobody enjoys.

However, over the past years or so, the problem has gone wrong and became worse. Over the past decades, cars become cheaper which simply means that more people can buy and own a vehicle and with roads seldom being improved or widened, they surely can’t hold over with the growth. Joined with occasional natural calamities or traitorous storms, this has led to some truly incredible traffic clogs that have caused more problems. Most of the developing countries and populous cities and countries, experienced the same problem. Here are the 12 shockingly jammed roads in the world:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand – 4 Hours

Bangkok, Thailand – 4 Hours

Thailand has seen very rampant of car ownership in the past few years. Policies of the government that give tax refunds to newbie car owners and a greater share of wealth in the country allows more people to shell out money which brought to tons of people riding vehicles on main roads. Sadly, the country is flat-footed for this kind of growth which led to 4 hours jam on roads.