15 Existing Weird Animals in the World You Might Not Know

It is not surprising to realize that the world is full of different kinds of animals, there are some animals known by its special ability, interesting appearance, or its weird sizes that is truly existing. Have you ever imagine what anteater would look like if it breed with a pinecone? Of course not but an animal do exists that have exactly the same appearance. Below is the list of 15 existing weird animals in the world you might not know. Some of these creatures are most likely you haven’t seen ever in your life and some of these creatures you would most likely don’t want to see beyond the pictures posted here. Start viewing and enjoy this 15 existing weird animals in the world you might not know.

  1. Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod

These species can be considered as if stunt doubles for the aliens in some sci-fi movies. These Giant Isopod are distantly related to crabs and shrimps that they mostly exist in cold deep waters in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Sort of they are similar to woodlouse and pill bug. They lived mostly on see floors and most likely you won’t ever see them perhaps in aquarium. They are carnivores feeding on dead fish, whales or any creature that might float on their territory. They can curl up into a ball hiding their less protected part and leaving their exterior shell for self-defense. Giant Isopods are thought to be 160 million years old before Pangea.