19 Sexiest Celebrities Selfies

Celebrities wanted to have privacy, but there are some celebrities that are willing enough to show off almost every part of their body just to be referred to as sexy. In our cover photo, we could see Kesha just showing off her butt her sexy stocking and thongs. This photo was posted on her Instagram with a caption “Butt”. Nothing more and nothing less, just a butt.
Sex in 2014 is all that matter to most of celebrities. For them and their managers sex sell and they’ll do anything just to be desirable and sexy. Sexy posts in social media is just a way to promote TV shows and celebrites.
Here is a list of 19 sexiest celebrity selfies that would make you want more of them.

19. Kim Kardashian

19. Kim Kardashian
She’s now a lady known to take selfie shot to the extreme hotness. She plants to release a 352 page book containing her favourite selfies. This image might be the most famous selfie of all time. Kim revealed her sexy butt and teasing boob.